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Have I done any good in the world today?
You will never regret a kind deed done to someone in need.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Soccer Camp

We did it again this summer, because the girls enjoyed it so much last summer! It was so fun to watch them go at it, for those who were familiar with it. Camdilyn was very shy and not interested in participating but eventually she held on to one of the leaders and she was okay - and really enjoyed it. I told all the girls that the only person who could bring home a ball was Camdilyn, since they all still have perfectly good soccer balls from last summer. They were fine with that - and enjoyed making new friends and having fun.
Camdilyn with her little friends.

Getting lined up into age groups.

Back to Camdilyn.

Camdilyn is the only one not laying on her tummy.

Now she has a friend so I think she'll be okay.

Emily and Xiomara in their discussion group.




Harmonie and Domonique in their discussion group.

Naomi was happy as a clam with a water bottle,
that she could pour wherever she wanted.

Marissa reading and eating apple slices.

Benjamin reading and eating muffins.

Playing together

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