What have I done for someone today?
Have I done any good in the world today?
You will never regret a kind deed done to someone in need.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Something you didn't know

Xiomara, Kemiah and Domonique are learning about the different groups of animals. Today they are focusing on mammals and their characteristics. At lunch, we started talking about mammals that walk on two legs.
Me - "primates, humans and ducks." 
Emily - "Ducks are not mammals, mom." 
Domonique - "They lay eggs."
Me - "So does the platypus."
Xiomara - "So does the enchilada." (She meant to say echidna but has a hard time saying it and got a little confused.)

We all started laughing! What a great learning moment for us all! Next time you have enchiladas, make sure it's not time for it to lay an egg or you'll get a little something extra with your meal!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Extinct vs Distinct

Question posed at dinner tonight:
D - "Why are Heavenly Father and Jesus extinct?"
All the older kids puzzling over that and then finally, "They're not extinct."
D - "Then why does it say, 'I saw two extinct personages hovering above my head."
Laughing ensued and we explained the word she was thinking of was distinct and not extinct.
Word confusion!
Glad that's cleared up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Imagine that!

We went to the library today, for story time. Ben and Kemiah were working on school stuff so I would go back and froth from the story time room to their table to check on them. After Mrs. Cindy read two books about frogs, she started the craft. While the little kids were working on their big mouth frogs I went to check on Ben and Kemiah. Ben asked what they were doing so I told him they were making big mouth frogs. He said, "Did she read the story about the frog who swallowed all the water?" I smiled and said, "Actually, yes. She read that one." Then he continued and said, "Yeah, then the eels make him laugh so he spills all the water back out." Yes, that's exactly what happened! I just thought it was amazing that he could remember that story and he would think of it because the topic was frogs. He said, "I really like that one." When Mrs. Cindy passed by the table I stopped her to tell her that he remembered that story. He started laughing as we talked about it and said again that he really liked that story. I was still amazed that he remembered it so well. I guess you remember things that leave an impression and that book left an impression on him so he will probably always remember the biggest frog in Australia!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Lots of learning going on

Camdilyn wanted to show me how she can ride a bike all by herself! Go, girly, go!

But what I really came out to see what Harmonie riding without training wheels. Yes, that's Emily who is helping her. Yes, Emily is the one who helped Domonique with this skill, too.

Naomi just wanted to chase everyone around.






Emily also helped Domonique with her birthday cake.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Home from the North

They have returned! They were dropped off at the house and this is how they look after a week hiking and backpacking in the north. They had a great time and we were able to communicate once while they were gone. They came home ready for showers and a good nights sleep. So glad they were safe and made lots of memories!

Note: I picked up Marissa and Emily from Girls Camp earlier today. They also had a great time at camp and made lots of memories. They came home with all sorts of stories, songs and memorabilia. My favorite are the quilts they received from the Stake Young Women Leaders - made specifically for each of the girls. What a treasure.

Friday, June 30, 2017

I guess she's ready for breakfast

Some one packed a purse full of play food,
and Naomi loved it.
She was so cute sitting on the dining room floor,
pulling stuff out of the purse
item by item.
Then she all of a sudden dumped it out.

Fortunately, I was able to work with her to get them all back in.
She thought it was just as fun to put it in the purse
as it was to dump it out.
Maybe she was still hungry.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

While the big guys are away!

We will play! I will be a single mother of six girls for the rest of the week. It should be interesting. They still had some school work to do but Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were more relaxed with working around the house and playing at the playground.

Domonique taking time to swing with a chicken.

Xiomara playing with dominoes.

Just thought I would show our aquariums!
The medium sized one with our original fish.

The original big tank with our friends fish.

Ben's new small tank with Hunter, the amazing gold fish.

We moved them out of the sun so we have had less green issues.

Little buddies coloring together.

She has the reading bug/disease/addiction.

Funny little girl.

Our trip to the Price Nature Center.

We didn't walk through the woods on the trails,
because they wanted to play at the playground.
That was fine with me,
except there are no benches to sit on near the playground.
Oh well.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Two going to Girls Camp

Emily was excited for her first year of girls camp. She could have gone last year but figured since she was the only one (and it happened at the same time as our Payne Family reunion) she could wait a year. She was so excited to go and see what it was like and meet new people. She was a little nervous but I reminded her about the singing camp where she didn't know anyone but made lots of friends. At least she has girls from her ward and she has met some of the girls in the stake at Primary activities so she would be fine. She felt much better and was ready to go.

Marissa was excited to go again, since she chose to miss out on last year's camp. She was going to do both 2nd and 3rd year but decided to just do 3rd year so she would have a bit more free time to do whatever she wanted (crafts and so forth). She was looking forward to seeing friends from the stake and was just ready to be out and away!