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Have I done any good in the world today?
You will never regret a kind deed done to someone in need.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

So very funny!

Naomi is still not communicating with words yet. She says, "Momma!" and "uh oh" and will make lots of "animal" sounds but that's about it. She has recently started to shake her head no and say it as well but that doesn't really mean what she thinks it means some times. I started to put my hands on the top of her head and help her nod yes when I knew she meant yes instead of no to help her recognize the difference. Now, when we ask her a question she will still say no at first but when we tell her to say yes she does this...


The first time she did it I couldn't stop laughing! I showed Kevin when he got home and couldn't stop laughing all over again. I can't believe that she grabs her own head to make it nod yes! So funny!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

2nd half of the first day

I thought I could make the first day one post, but it really got very long. I couldn't thin out the pictures and I still didn't include them all. Anyway, after lunch everyone went back down to the water.

Some of the moms got a raft to relax on.

More playing and fun for the kids!

Naomi really wanted to swim!
Or so she thought.
I took her out in a kayak and she really enjoyed that.
Until she tipped too far over the edge and ended up in the water.
I held on to her so she didn't go anywhere and I pulled her right back in,
but it was still more than she wanted.
It was fun to paddle around with her.

Getting ready for dinner.

Melia came for a few hours, so we were all happy!

Some kids were tired of swimming,
so they read books instead.
Emily, Mikaela, Lacie, Tanner, Naomi

More ping pong.
Todd's activity was a Ping Pong Tournament.
Those who wanted to participate signed up and were randomly slotted.
Winners moved on and losers went to the losers bracket to try again.
Needless to say, it was a main activity this year.
And it was loads of fun!

Todd and Jeff bought pellet guns and enjoyed some time shooting.

We played some games.

More ping pong.

Random large spider crossing the sidewalk.
Please don't find your way into my room.

Because Melia was only there for a short time, 
we had the family picture taken even though some of us
were not looking picture perfect!
Oh well, it is our family and we look great!

Dinner - bar-b-que chicken salad

Scripture moment gathering

Jeff talking about charity and the need to love each other.

The Mawby family gave Gaffa a new hat!

Dessert time! Ice cream sundaes!


Kemiah, Melia and Jeff
Last quick picture of Melia as she headed back home.

Ended the night with more ping pong.
Emily vs. Taylor

Blake vs. Nicole

Monique vs. Alise

Some found other games to play - Apples to Apples

What a wonderfully fun day and evening! We packed a lot into this first day. Maybe because we know we don't have much time. We are thankful for the wonderful weather and hope it holds out!

First Full Day at Grand Lake

The water level was really high compared to the last time we were here. There is some concern that the fishing won't be very good because of the change in their habitat. There is also some concern about venomous snakes being out of their homes because of the high water levels. We shall be alert and hopefully everything will be alright.

Ben has been so excited to fish all day, every day!

Boys off exploring!
Cole, Nathan, Ryan, Dallin

Recreating a picture of Naomi from last year!
She is now larger and more mobile.

The water is a bit chilly!

Adisyn and Jacey-Kate

Monique and Tinlee

So fun to be with cousins.
Harmonie, Domonique, Adisyn, Camdilyn, Jacey-Kate, Kemiah

Ready... Set...


Make a splash!

Keep swimming or you'll get cold!

Todd started shooting people with water from his kayak.

Ben and Nathan

Water wars!

They found tiny turtles! No kidding!

Tiny turtles rock!
Everyone wants one!
Kemiah, Nathan, Dallin, Cole, with Aiden in the water

"I'm swimming!"


Since we didn't have the water trampoline,
the round floating tubes were a great distraction
and loads of entertainment!

Yikes! Tricks, too!
Go, Cole!

Playing "King of the Raft"

This is the life!

She so badly thought she wanted to get in the water.
Everyone else was having so much fun.

The girls got a turn on the paddle boat.

Todd and Camdilyn trying to shoot someone.

Alise and Adisyn.

Jeff and Blake being very synchronized!

Gary brought his boat - of course.
He took Ben, Mike and Ryan out for some fishing.

The golf cart is a nice luxury.
Alise took a load back to the house for lunch.

Some indoor activities:

ping pong

These two are already buddies and are always together.

And that was just the first half of the day. Everyone learned from last year that you either wear a shirt of use sunscreen all day long. What a fun first half of the day!