What have I done for someone today?
Have I done any good in the world today?
You will never regret a kind deed done to someone in need.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

It's only a nickname

The other night we all got a really good laugh. Naomi started asking everyone about their nickname, and you know most anything a 2 year old says is cute. She would ask, "Are you nickname..." and then she'd say an animal. It was so cute, as she went to each sibling and said their animal nickname. Then she came to me and said, "Momma, are you nickname... hippo?" I busted out loud laughing! Good thing she's so cute.

Friday, April 13, 2018

So glad we did that

The weather has been a bit odd, but possibly normal in a way. It seems that Spring and Winter can't decide whose turn it is. I will just say that I am so glad that I sent the girls outside to play yesterday. They ate their lunch, rode bikes, drew with chalk and flew kites! It was a beautiful day and they were able to enjoy it. Today is quite chilly and we are expecting snow tomorrow. I'm sure Spring will come eventually.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Yikes! Where did that come from?

Harmonie was doing school and she colored the snow red. I asked her why she had colored it red. She said, "Lots of dogs died, so there's lots of blood."
Whoa! Where did that come from? I don't even know why she would think about that.
Then she said, "The dogs were freezing because the owners didn't let them inside. It's a sad story."

Friday, March 16, 2018

Heart Aches

A few years ago, I acted out in anger and ended up breaking my hard drive on my laptop. I came to realize I had lost over a year of our pictures because I didn't back them up onto the external hard drive. (In all honesty, I had an external drive die so I wasn't too confident but a copy would have been nice.) The drive was physically broken so the data was unrecoverable unless we sent it to some company that might have been able to recover it - for a hefty price tag. I sent the drive to my father-in-law and he confirmed that he couldn't get anything off it. I resigned myself to the loss of the pictures. The only reason I revisit this issue is because I have recently realized the devastating affect of my choice.... I lost picture from the summer of 2013 through most of 2015. I'm not kidding! That's two years of our lives lost. I wanted to make a book for Camdilyn about her first year but realized I don't have any of them. She was born in Sept of 2013 so I don't have anything from her first year in my archives. Fortunately, I do have my blog. I just spent over an hour looking through the blog and saving pictures from her first year! I am so glad I blogged during that time, to save what I did have and what a relief that is to my aching heart!

New heart ache - April 10 - Instead of making another post very similar to this one, I thought I would just add it on.... I took Marissa to her school test today and I took my laptop with me so I could work on updating the blog while I waited for her. It worked fine and I was excited to do the same thing again the next day while Ben was doing his testing. After I got home, I tried to turn on my computer and it made a beeping/chirping noise and then stopped and said there was not drive. I calmly turned it off, unscrewed the cover on the back and disconnected the hard drive, then reconnected it. I put the cover back on and hoped against all odds that the reseating of the drive made the right connections and it would magically turn on. Unfortunately, I have terrible luck with hard drives so I wasn't all that surprised when it didn't turn on. I am dumbfounded as to why I have such bad luck with hard drives and why they just seem to be able to crash on a whim! It's really irritating, and heart breaking.

Update - April 19 - I had to take the computer to SAMSA, the place in town that I always take my stuff to. I was hoping that they could retrieve some of the stuff off the drive, just copy it all to a new hard drive and I could pick up a my computer as if nothing happened, and just pay them some money. Unfortunately, the drive was so dead that they couldn't get anything off of it. Fortunately, I only lost about two weeks of pictures from March of this year. I had backed up all the rest. Now, I may have lost videos but I'm not sure about that. If I care that much about these memories, I should probably be better about archiving them and burning them to bluerays so I don't lose them.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Harmonie turns 6!

Happiest birthday wishes to our happy Harmonie. Since her birthday is on Sunday, we will have pancakes and ice cream tomorrow. Marissa helped Harmonie with the cake on Saturday so it would be ready for today. Harmonie asked for Darth Vadar and I talked them into just putting a flat picture on the cake, instead of trying a 3-D head.

Opening Grammy and Gaffa's card.

Finished cake.
I think they did a great job.

Getting a birthday call from Grammy and Gaffa.

I put it on speaker phone so everyone cold hear their wonderful song.
(They will often alter the song depending on the age of the person
so it's really fun to hear what they sing each time.)

Party crew!

Singing happy birthday while dad brings in the cake
is our standing tradition.

Not very nice - he split the candles up!
Big breath...

One side done...

Now the other...

Sorry about the smoke guys!

Baby holder for the party.

Drawing of a cat from Camdilyn.

Pepere and Jerry sent a package.



She asked for these... Lindor chocolate balls

She asked for this one, too.

And this one.

And this one.
Do you see a trend in the things she asked for?

We love Gerald and Piggie.
5 stories in one book!

Everyone wants workbooks for their birthday, right?!?!

Fun game off the neat books.

It was a good birthday. We all enjoyed the Darth Vadar chocolate cake with ice cream. It was fun to celebrate Harmonie. She is so happy, most of the time. She is very energetic and excitable. She loves to play and run. She tends to look for the good in things - people or situations or events. We love out sweet little Harmonie!

Just more of the littlest two

Laid her down after nursing,
and she just kept right on sleeping.

Not sure why she was acting like this,
but I caught it on "film" and will save it forever.
Silly girl.

Getting so strong!
3 and half months old.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Baked goods for the auction

In addition to their handmade items, each girl decided to bring a baked good to be sold at the fundraiser auction. Marissa and Xiomara made theirs yesterday (2/15) and Emil made her today. A busy house full of baking! We all love it, but didn't get to eat any of it. Oh well.

Marissa decided on a two layer chocolate cake,
decorated with hand made flowers.

It was her first time and I think she figured it out.

The flowers and cake were put in the freezer so they  were easier to work with.

Xiomara made my favorite brownies with cream cheese mixture on top,
topped with cherry pie filling.
(Some how, I never got a finished picture of hers.)

She added leaves and that made it really nice.

Finished product.

We are all excited with how it turned out!

Today it is Emily's turn!
Making Aunt Monique's chocolate cupcakes with
cookie dough filling!
They are so good!

Half the frosting is plain butter cream
(which she colored pink for Valentin's Day)
and the other half is the cookie dough frosting!

What delicious projects and I'm sure they will be a hit at the auction! If not, I'll be happy to bring them home! Good work, girls!

Note: the dinner wasn't as well attended as we hoped for. Those of us there had a wonderful time. They fed us lasagna, salad, bread and dessert. The live auction was run by Brother Jeff Larsen and he did a great job! All the baked goods were live auction items, while all the handmade crafts were just silent bidding. Marissa sold a silhouette painting (which her father bought to hang at the office) and the black crocheted mitts. Emily's shawl was bought by me, and so was Marissa's t-shirt that she wrote sayings on. The crocheted pillows were sold to someone else - we aren't sure who. All their baked good went to good homes! All in all, the auction raised enough money to pay for all the girls to go to camp so I guess it was a success, even if there weren't very many people there. We enjoyed some dancing and chatting. It was a nice night.