What have I done for someone today?
Have I done any good in the world today?
You will never regret a kind deed done to someone in need.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Our very own Scott Sterling!

Emily was working on a project for her PE class with Xiomara. They went outside to demonstrate volleyball skills and make a video of said skills. When they came inside, this is the clip she shared. I couldn't contain my laughter.

Note: she is fine and was laughing with all of us.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

It all turned out great!

 I received the meat pie recipe from Carol Mahar a while back and finally decided to try it, since our freezer is now full of ground pork and that's what it calls for. I followed the recipe, cooked the meat for 3 hours and made the pie crust and it all turned out perfectly! I was so happy with the way it looked and was even more please with how it tasted! I guess I'll be making this more often!

We also enjoyed pumpkin soup (a recipe from my brother),
 broccoli salad (recipe from Aunt Angie)
 and sliced apples (from the fridge). 
It was very pleasing to my eye and my tummy.
(But, I will admit, some of the kids didn't like it.)

Love nursing my baby!

 Sweet happy little girl!
4 weeks old!

This is the onesie that Grandma Graham gave to her!
Smart and Strong Like my Mom

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's that time... tummy time!

She finally went to sleep but wouldn't stay asleep if I laid her down. So I tried the tummy arrangement and she was out for the night! Warm and snuggly and happy and sleeping! That's the way she likes it and we especially like the sleeping part! Sweet baby!

And this is how she was today....

RoseMarie wanted to be held today but I had lots of things to do so this is what had to happen today. I'm not sure why but it was a solution that helped me keep her happy and get dinner made. I remember having to do this with Xiomara, when she was this little, because the three older siblings were all in her space and she just needed a break. At least that was my interpretation. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh what a blessed day!

And here is her dress! It was very challenging because of the type of fabric, and my machine kept acting up, but they were determined and persevered! She was so excited to wear it to church!

It was also a special day because we blessed RoseMarie. I arrived a little later than I should have so I was changing her clothes during the opening song and had just finished when Kevin announced that we would bless her. He came and got her and gave a very nice blessing to RoseMarie Genevive. She handled it very well and was ready to eat when they were done. We had a small circle of friends this time around (so getting their pictures was much easier).

Brother Eric Conley

Brother Roger Payne (Gaffa)

Brother Kevin Roy (Dad)

Brother John Lowry

Brother Neil Stokes

RoseMarie Genevive
3 1/2 weeks old

We love to hug!

At the end of our nightly routine, 
 after singing lots of songs,
Kevin said we needed to sing a couple more.
He started us off on "When Grandpa Comes" and
"Grandmother" so the kids had a great time with those!
Lots of hugs for everyone!

Yes, Grammy and Gaffa did survive and no one was hurt during this activity!
It was a good way to end their visit, since they are leaving in the morning.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sewing and Painting Activities

Kemiah received fabric for her birthday 
(which was at the beginning of the month)
so Grammy helped her make a skirt. 
(Not pictured yet.)

Emily also received fabric for her birthday 
(which was at the end of August)
and so she decided to have Grammy help her make a dress!
Fortunately, I had a pattern that she liked and they had a good time working together.
Well, the fabric was a bit difficult and the machine didn't always cooperate,
so it was actually very challenging but they kept at it and made a dress.
Emily had to go to bed and Grammy finished it up.

Grammy brought paint and rocks for us to paint into Kindness Rocks.
The kids had a wonderful time being very creative!
I didn't get any pictures during the project - what is happening to me?!?!
But here are their finished rocks.

Friday, November 24, 2017

The day after recovery

We spent the next day chilling.

RoseMarie fell asleep on the couch and it was my bed time.
I decided to just leave her there and see how she did.
I had the monitor and didn't hear her until 2 a.m.
I fed her and changed her diaper, and fed her again. 
When she was asleep, I put her back on the couch and went back to bed.
It was a very nice night sleep!
Good baby!